Why Tulsa ranks last in Forbes' list of greenest cars

TULSA - Dave Yonce is an electric car enthusiast. With eight electric cars and 10 electric motorcycles to his name, Yonce longs for the days when America's typical family has one gas and one electric vehicle. 

"Gas for long trips and electric would be for day-to-day driving," said Yonce.

It's no surprise to the Bixby resident that a mere .01% of cars in Tulsa are registered electric, according to Forbes. Yonce contributes part of that to Tulsa not having a single charging station in town. 

"A lot of places outside of Oklahoma have charging stations in convenience stores and grocery stores," said Yonce. "In a lot of them, you even have closer parking than handicapped parking because you have to have a place to charge."

It costs Yonce pennies to travel around town. 

Forbes named the San Francisco metro the city with the greenest cars.

Other cities with the fewest hybrid or battery-powered cars include: Lafayette and Lake Charles, LA, Odessa-Midland, TX; Glendive, MT; Minot-Bismarck, ND; and Greenwood-Greenville, SC.

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