Micro Man cave: Creating a homemade mobile man-space

Transforming a cargo trailer into a man cave

TULSA, OK - There is nothing better for a guy than to have a little space he can call his own.  A place where he can kick back and watch a football game and not have to worry about being a slob.  

The problem with this is that most significant others can't stand to let a guy be a guy in their home.  There's only one solution: The mobile man cave.

PHOTOS: Converting a trailer to a man cave

A 7 x 12 enclosed trailer is the perfect space for a man to build his own man cave.  Shack Shackelford tackled this project with the help of a few close friends. In just ten hours, he and his pals transformed a cargo trailer to an awesome man cave complete with a shower, toilet, fireplace and refrigerator.  

He says those are the basics to help sustain life, but he also added a few items to make it feel more like home. These included an elk skin rug, some deer antlers and a mini kegerator.

"I can certainly live in here, and I believe my wife would...visit me regularly," said Sean Stevens, carpenter.

The cost of this man cave is about $10,000.  One person can easily live out of it. And while it might be a little small for two people, it's certainly big enough to host a poker night or football game watch party.

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