Missing pet kangaroo bounces all over the internet

SHAWNEE - She is 11 months old, thirty pounds and missing since Thanksgiving. Her name is Lucy Sparkles and she's a pet kangaroo from Shawnee who is lighting up the internet.

The "Bring Lucy Sparkles Home" Facebook page has garnered nearly 1,000 likes, and several media outlets have contacted the pet's owner, Shayla Menhusen for an interview, including CNN and radio stations across the country. Psychics have even called her home to hop in with their own advice.

"It's like finding a missing toddler, total needle in a haystack," says Menhusen. The Menhusen family adopted the kangaroo for their young daughter who wanted a pet.

So what do you do if you spot Lucy Sparkles? The owners have very explicit (if somewhat strange) instructions.

A recent "frequently asked questions" post on the Facebook page suggests:

1) Not using a coon or bird dog. It might spook Lucy.

2) Put her in a cloth bag (and if you're unsure how to do this, there are plenty of tutorials on the internet for this as well).

3) Hang the cloth bag on a coat rack hook at your house, or on a nail one your garage or shop wall.

4) If Lucy will be spending time inside your home, beware she is not potty-trained. Put a size 4 diaper on Lucy, and be sure to cut a hole for the tail.

5) If you are unable to catch Lucy, you can always try her favorite food to lure her in... Cheetos.


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