Author, blogger known as Pioneer Woman gives Christmas advice for moms

Ree Drummond, also known as the Pioneer Woman, is the #1 New York Times bestselling author, blogger, and Food Network television personality who writes about her family life on a working ranch outside Pawhuska, Oklahoma.

Drummond recently visited Monte Cassino, a Catholic elementary and middle school in Tulsa, to read her new children's book, Charlie and the Christmas Kitty, to students.

In addition to bestselling cookbooks and daily blogs, Drummond has taken on the role of children's author. Charlie and the Christmas Kitty is her second children's book.

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Drummond is known for not "sweating the small stuff," so she laughed when asked for tips on to stay organized during the holiday season. She says her house is typically crazy during this time of year, but it is important to stay ahead of the tasks.

The mom of four suggests chopping and prepping all ingredients one to three days ahead of the day you plan to cook them.

"That way when it's time to assemble and cook, I can do it in a relatively short amount of time," said Drummond. "Then I won't have an all-day commitment during Christmas week which is pretty hard to do."

Her favorite Christmas day tradition? Biscuits and gravy.

"It's the perfect way to kick off the day, with a bunch of flour and grease," said Drummond.

Drummond's recipe for biscuits and gravy uses traditional sausage, but says if you would like to change it up a little bit, her father-in-law uses fried quail.


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