How to pick the perfect Christmas tree

TULSA - When it comes to picking out the perfect Christmas tree, it's all about personal preference. But, before you leave the house, don't forget the measuring tape.

"We have had people bring their tree back," said Bill Jacobs, Owner of the Owasso Tree Farm. "They wanted a big tree and they got home, and somehow it just grew between here and there."

Jacobs has been supplying the Tulsa-metro area with evergreens for more than 25 Christmas seasons. He sells as many as 500 trees in one busy day. He says he sells more than a tree, but an experience as well.

"Families have come here for years. Now the kids are bringing their kids," says Jacobs.

A tree farm is a labor of love. It takes five years for a tree to grow, but only seconds to chop it down.

Jacobs' number one tip to keeping the tree green: water. Some trees drink as much as a gallon per day.


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