Putting Tulsa on the beer lover's map

TULSA - Move over wine snobs. Craft beer is taking over as many drinker's choice. In Tulsa, Oklahoma, Marshall brewery is the only place in town making it for distribution.

Marshall opened in 2008, right about the time craft brewing was growing faster than any other segment in the alcoholic beverage industry.

"We've been growing at least 50 percent for four years," said owner Eric Marshall.

Eric honed his craft as a brewery apprentice in Germany. His advice to new beer drinkers? He says start off with a wheat beer. They tend to have a lighter flavor than other styles like the bitter India Pale Ale.

"From there you can get more adventurous, "said Eric. "Then all of a sudden you're drinking double IPAs that feel like you've been smacked in the mouth with a pinecone or something."


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