Oklahoma driver Russ Dugger finds a seat in Nascar truck

TULSA, OK - Russ Dugger has always had the itch to race, but what guy hasn't?  That itch became a little too uncomfortable for the 38-year-old to deal with so he found his way into the driver seat on the Nascar truck series.

The life of a professional driver might sound nice, but unless you have a name like Petty or Earnhardt, breaking into the sport is very difficult. Dugger is a self made racer. His background is in music, but over the last ten years has climbed the ladder of racing.

"If it's got wheels I will race it," Dugger said when asked about what kind of racing he likes. "Everything from 190 mile per hour trucks to go-karts."  

Dugger took a leap of faith a year ago when he quit his full time job to chase his dream of being a professional race car driver.   This jump was not easy because he also has a family to support.  

"Nobody will put more pressure on me than I put on myself,"  Dugger said about his desire to win on the track.  

He knows at this point he is racing for sponsors and not for trophies.

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