Raising the barre of your workout

TULSA - Call it ballet with a burn. 

The barre workout looks like ballet, and it is very similar. It is a ballet barre routine combined with Pilates to ultimately create long and lean muscles. 

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"We put your body in deep contractions," said Marlene Martindale, owner of Sculpt Tulsa. "It's all about form."

Martindale says she teaches her clients to work until muscle failure. "As soon as your legs start to shake, then we stretch them."

Barre exercises target arms, glutes, legs and abdominals---areas that Martindale didn't exercise as often as an avid runner. She took up barre on the advice of her doctor, and eventually opened up her own studio in midtown Tulsa.

It appeals to a wide audience and age range because the barre workout is low-impact, meaning it doesn't put a lot of pressure on the joints. 

A typical barre workout can burn approximately 500 calories.

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