Retirement community takes on a family of 'kids'

Rainbow Health Care Community in Bristow, Okla., is getting their goats. Three of them. 

Bronson, Damon and Lucky are three, 5-week-old goats donned in diapers that residents at the retirement home help raise.

PHOTOS: Baby goats in the retirement community - cute!

An employee at the center raises goats on her farm, but these three babies needed constant one-on-one attention that they weren't getting from the mama goat. 

"She brought them up here and they have become the babies of the community," said Public Relations Director Heather Berryhill.

It's not just about cuddling. The three goats are helping residents buck what's known in the therapy world as the three plagues of the elderly: loneliness, helplessness and boredom. 

"This is a way they can take care of something and show love," said Berryhill. 

All it takes is a little motherly instinct that a lot of the folks haven't put to use in awhile. 

The goats' therapeutic services aren't free. The residents return the favor with everything from petting and playtime to bottle feedings and diaper changes.


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