Scrubbing with homegrown soap

Scrub it up on national bubble bath day

TULSA, OK - When layoffs and a bad economy hit, Kelly Brown-Groblewsk,i she turned life's lemons into soap.

PHOTOS: Homemade soap

Kelly began making homemade soap with left over ingredients from her husband's home brew beer. Now she has a booming business selling her soap in more than 20 stores around Oklahoma.  The beer scented soaps, like honey basil pale ale and pumpkin lager, are a huge hit.

She named her company Okie Crow after her favorite state - Oklahoma - and her favorite rock band - The Black Crows.

Her most popular scented soap is called Stinky Hippy. It really smells nothing like a stinky hippy, but the name is fun.

Kelly makes all of her soap in her kitchen but the demand is getting large enough she is planning to open a store soon.




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