Sex Pistols Sid Vicious wall punch part of Cain's Ballroom history

TULSA - Cain's Ballroom is known for many things: Bob Wills, ballroom dancing and even London's craziest punk band in history, The Sex Pistols.

"This is the only venue left remaining that The Sex Pistols played in," said manager Chad Rodgers.

Rodgers' family bought Cain's Ballroom ten years ago, and were very careful about how they renovated it. During the upgrades, they chose to keep and frame a chunk of the original wall in remembrance of band's 1978 visit.

It's where Sid Vicious, the band's bassist, left his mark on the bathroom wall. Or, through the bathroom wall.

Rodgers isn't sure which stories about why Sid Vicious punched the wall are real, and which ones are rubbish.

"I was told he was using the restroom and got angry," said Rodgers. "Then I was told he was trying to look at the women's restroom. Who knows, he could've been mad about the weather."

Today, that piece of framed drywall is as much of an attraction as the entire building. "I can't tell you how many artists we take into the office who want their picture with it," said Rodgers.


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