Learning the basics of yoga to improve core strength

This week, Women's Health ranked Tulsa, Oklahoma, at the bottom of the list of healthy cities. With San Francisco ranked number one as the healthiest city and Birmingham, Alabama at number 100 as the unhealthiest, Tulsa is right down there at number 93. 

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Yoga extraordinaire, or "yogi" Jen Skaggs, says yoga is new way to get fit and improve core strength.  Skaggs who works out of Salt Yoga at Utica Square believes yoga allows one to be playful, while discovering a deeper sense of personal strength and love.

The basics include downward-facing dog, the plank and the cobra. 

A typical "hot" yoga class, which is a style of yoga practiced in a room heated to approximately 105 degrees Fahrenheit, can burn anywhere from 400 to 600 calories in one hour. 

Skaggs says the most common misconception of yoga is that it's easy, and that moving slowly means you're not working hard. 

Give it a try. It won't take long for the beads of sweat to land on the mat during these so-called "slow" moves.

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