Slide over a beer and play a game of Gelande Quaffing

Drinking game that takes skill

TULSA, OK - Those willing to brave the cold might be able to graduate from smaller drinking games and give Gelande Quaffing a try.

This game requires two skill sets: drinking beer and catching a mug of beer.

It's a little bit like shuffle board but instead of pucks you slide mugs of beer. The game is played on a pair of polished tables so the mugs slide easier.

Two teams of three are needed to play.  One person slides a beer down the table to another player who must catch the beer as it falls off the table.  The person catching the mug earns points based on how they catch it - by the handle, the bottom, or by doing a trick.  

After the catch, you run to the other end of the table and becomes the slider.  The three man team rotates in a relay style race.  After the catch each participant must drink the contents of the beer before moving to the next position.

It's best to play over a grass surface so the mugs don't break if they hit the ground.

Check out some video we found of Gelande Quaffing championships

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