There's 'Thai Hot' and then there's 'Extreme Hot'

Spicy red curry at Thai Village

TULSA - South Tulsa's Thai Village is home of the Pad Ped, which is a red curry dish with coconut milk, eggplant, mushrooms, bell peppers and your choice of meat.  Many of the restaurants patrons love it, but if you're not a fan of spicy, you might dub this the Pad "Dread."

PHOTOS: Pad Ped at Thai Village

The red curry sauce includes up to 10 Thai chili peppers for the "extreme" version.  You can get milder versions. It's up to what your taste buds can handle.

The second-hottest level is called "Thai hot." This will get your blood going and will have you chugging their glorious Thai iced tea, which is about 50-percent cream. It's so hot it may even make your nose run. 

"Extreme Hot" is the hottest level and it's so hot it' Our reporter, Shack Shackelford, was teary and walking laps around the restaurant.

"Some people say they get lost driving home after eating it," said Paul Her, manager of Thai Village.

The good news? The pain wears off in about five minutes. 

We recommend the "Thai" hot version for the general public; the "extreme" hot if you're trying to impress a group of guys, or just downright crazy. 

 And don't get us wrong. The food is delicious. 

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