Tulsa baristas throw down in latte art competition

Latte art in Tulsa

TULSA - If you thought lattes were just for sipping, think again!  Every month in Tulsa, local baristas throw down in a winner-take-all latte art competition.

The guys at Double Shot Coffee Company showed us the secrets to making great latte art.  They say it all starts with good espresso.  The creama, also know as the microfoam on top of fresh espresso, is crucial to getting the art to look just right.

Also, steaming the milk to just the right temperature is crucial.  It takes just the right amount of steam to get the perfect picture on your morning java.

The Double Shot crew says they stick to the classics when it comes to art.  Leaf and heart shapes on top of lattes are by far the most common, but also the most difficult to get just right.

To find where they'll be competing next, follow Joebot's Coffee on twitter at twitter.com/joebotscoffee.

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