Tulsa women who prove they can wrestle with the best of them

More women learning Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

TULSA - Summer Krause-Wilhelm started jiu jitsu in the Marine Corps. 

"I just enjoyed it and it went from there," said Krause-Wilhelm. 

She is now a part-time competitive fighter and teaches courses at Triton Fight Center in Tulsa.

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"It's the [women] that never think they could do it that I love to pull in," said Krause-Wilhelm.

Chana Vlanich sees the sport as an opportunity to learn self-defense. They're trained to use the clothing, called a Gi, as a weapon. 

"Now I look at collars and hoodies and whatever I could use if someone was going to attack me," said Vlanich.

Saturday, Krause-Wilhelm will compete in one of the largest mixed grappling tournaments, and hopes to continue to inspire other women. 


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