Two window dressers keeping the field alive in middle America

TULSA - During the holidays, Utica Square shopping center lights up with Christmas lights... and Miss Jackson's window lights.

It's a window display you don't typically see in America's Heartland, or many cities at all anymore.

"It's mainly Paris, London, New York, and us," said Stacy Suvino, Miss Jackson's Visual Director. "I feel like it's something people don't aspire to be anymore."

PHOTOS: Miss Jackson's shop windows

Rachel Everett is the Art Director of Miss Jackson's.  She takes pride in her work and how the windows look.

"[The window display] has become the identity of the store, and we want to keep it that way," said Everett.

They keep all the odds and ends in a tiny closet on the second floor. It's all the small details that help tell their visual story. Everett constructs a lot of what's inside the windows.

"It's all about figuring out what you can do with limited means to make sure it's opulent, more interesting," said Everett. "That's probably the most rewarding when you feel like you've achieved that."


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