Ugly Christmas sweaters flying off the shelves in Tulsa

Thrift stores out of the seasonal ugly sweater

TULSA, OK - Christmas fashion has changed over the years, but one item that is always a hit is the ugly Christmas sweater.  

Ugly Christmas sweaters have everything from reindeer to snowmen and Jolly Old Saint Nick.  But the best ones have some bell and glitter thrown in for good measure.  The bigger the mess the better the sweater.  

But it's getting difficult to complete the holiday look with a knitted masterpiece.  Thrift stores can't keep them in stock because ugly-sweater-party-goers are snatching them up faster than they get them.


However, the jackpot of sweaters is no further than List reporter Shack Shackelford's mom's closet.  She's collected sweaters and vests for 30 years, and her collection a borderline addiction.  

He calls them ugly, she calls them beautiful.  It might not be PC to refer to your mom's sweater as ugly, but he says that deep down she knows they really are.

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