Twilight's over, but a new vampire craze is just getting started

TULSA - There's a new aid in the fight against wrinkles.. and it's a vampire. A Vampire Facelift.

You may have heard of Juvederm or Botox. Nurses at Enhance Medical Spa in Tulsa, Oklahoma, call the Vampire Facelift  a more natural approach to smoothing wrinkles because it uses your own blood. 

The blood is drawn, spun through a machine to extract the platelets and then injected into fine lines and wrinkles to supposedly firm up the areas. The procedure can also be applied to other parts of the body, like the neck, lip lines or ears. 

It's about half the cost of other fillers and is expected to last twice as long. 

Keep in mind it's fairly new, so not a lot of studies have been done on the effects of the procedure. One thing's for certain: it's sucking in a lot of happy customers. 

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