Luna Chicks women call biker gang taking over Tulsa on mountain bikes

Mountain biking is not just for boys

TULSA, OK - The cycling community in Tulsa is growing and not just on the road. On any given day, a group of women can be found on the trails at Turkey Mountain getting their bike on.  

The Luna Chicks Mountain Bike Team has found a place for women in a sport dominated by men.  They are out to support each other on and off the trail.  

This biker gang is a bit of a support group that is designed to show women that mountain biking can be enjoyed by everyone.

The fear of falling is a big hurdle to overcome, but the Luna Chicks want their fellow riders to know its ok to fall, and with proper pads and instruction, it's not as bad as it sounds.  

They are also riding for a good cause, always on the mission to raise money for breast cancer research.


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