You "can" do it: Canned Art Project helps encourage artists-in-the-making

TULSA - Artist Daniel Gulick is the creator of a Tulsa-based company called the Canned Art Project

Gulick literally cans tiny art pieces from local artists, labels it, and sells it as a unique way to introduce new art to the public. Basically, he wants to get attention for new artists.

PHOTOS: Canned art by students

"I wanted artists to get their artwork as far away from them as possible so they can create a name for themselves," said Gulick. 

As far as what's inside the can--for the customers, it remains a mystery until it's purchased, which is part of the fun.  Even more fun for Gulick is helping out with a fundraiser for the Tulsa Girls Art School

The teens at the art school spent the last several weeks creating their own tiny art for its second annual Valentine Show, "Canned Love." Gulick will can 76 original pieces from the girls to be sold at the show. 

The Tulsa Girls Art School, TGAS, is a year-round arts program that provides a fun and safe alternative for talented Tulsa artists. The students are selected based on recommendations from the art teachers and principals through Tulsa Public Schools. 

 "I can be free and bring images out of my mind and put it on canvas," said Amanda Zimmerman, sophomore at Webster High School.

TGAS also provides transportation to and from the school several times a week and art supplies at no cost to the parents or TPS. 

Each student will receive 30 percent of the money from the sale of the art, which is placed in a savings account for the girls. The other 70 percent  benefits TGAS.

"Canned Love" will be held Tuesday, February 12, 2013, from 6 p.m.-8 p.m at TGAS, 2202 East Admiral Blvd. in Tulsa.  For more information, call (918) 949-9638. 





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