How to unfriend people on Facebook without losing face

November 17th is National Unfriend Day

BALTIMORE - Do you really need 4,000 Facebook friends? Baltimore diamantaire Ron Samuelson says he coined the phrase “unfriend.” He has tips on how to unfriend and refriend Facebook contacts.

"You click that button and say 'unfriend,' it's like saying hey I want nothing to do with you," said Samuelson's Diamonds owner Ron Samuelson.

"Unfriend" became Webster's Dictionary "Word of the Year" in 2010, but Samuelson said he was the first to use the term.

"A lot of people do call it 'defriend' but 'unfriend' is the word used in the Wall Street Journal article I was in in 2008,” he said.

Remember how we used to unfriend people before we could click them away?

"You kind of lost touch with them. Or you decided not to call them anymore. Or you just faded away. Now it's kind of like breaking up with somebody," said Samuelson.

So if you decide to make up, Samuelson said he has possibly created a new term for that.
“When someone confronts you. And you make up and get back together. That would be a refriend," he said.

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