3 diets that may help you lose weight

3 diets that may help you lose weight


You see diet commercials everywhere. The bad news is there's no silver bullet to losing weight. The good news is we've got a list of what might work for you.

We asked registered dietician Patti Milligan to walk us through them, but before you pick, she says you should ask the following question: How sustainable is any nutrition plan going to be for you? In other words, does the diet fit your life.

Here's our list of the most popular plans in no particular order.

1) The Paleo Diet:  This plan focuses on increasing protein and replacing grains with fresh fruit and veggies - exactly what the caveman liked to eat! There's no room for processed food on this diet.

2) The South Beach Diet: It caught fire in 2003 and it is all about balance. It replaces "bad fats and carbs" with "good fats and carbs.” There are three phases and each one gets easier.

3) Weight Watchers: This diet famously tracks your food by using a point system.It also focuses on changing the way you think about food and offers tons of online tool like a smartphone app that lets you scan a barcode at the grocery store.

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