The Fit List: How to get a bombshell body with an online trainer

Shannon Dey explains how online training works

The Fit List: How to get a bombshell body with an online trainer

Shannon Dey explains how online training works

If your New Year's Resolution fitness equipment purchase is now officially a coat rack, there may be another way to get yourself back on track. You can hire an online trainer.

WEB EXTRA: IFBB bikini pro Jennifer Elliott and Shannon Dey talk about online training

"I needed something that could work within my schedule and keep me motivated and get me the results," said Michelle Ponto, who trains with online trainer Shannon Dey of "I also wanted results and I wanted a trainer who was a professional."

Bombshell Fitness is an online personal training team that can help you get in shape. As part of what they call "Team Bombshell" you get a customized weekly meal plan and workout plan to help you reach your fitness goals.  Each week, you send in photos to your assigned fitness coach and let her know how you are doing. She also there to answer questions and keep you motivated.

Perhaps the biggest advantage to hiring an online trainer is the cost. For just $25 per week, you get seven workouts plus a meal plan. If you use an in-person trainer at your local gym, the cost would run you somewhere in the neighborhood of $150 per week.

"It's a great way to train and get the help of a trainer without having to meet someone at a specific time and place," said Shannon Dey, owner of Bombshell Fitness. 

Of course, there are cons as well.  

"When you cheat, by not going to the gym or eating badly, no one is there to give you a hard time," said Ponto. "You have to hold yourself accountable."

Ultimately, it comes down to the person and his or her commitment.  Dragging a tired body to the gym three to six times per week is not easy, but there are no shortcuts to health.

Tips to choosing an online trainer:

1.       Make sure the online trainer has experience, the right degrees and has had success.

2.       Ask for testimonials and ask to talk to people who are currently training with the trainer.

3.       Make sure it’s not a gimmick where you have to buy special drugs or “fat-loss” products.

4.       See if they can give you a free trial or sample session so you can see if this type of training is for you. Also check into options. Are you committed to a year? Can you sign up for a 3 month test session?

5.       Find out what kind of support the online trainer has. Do they really customize the program for you? How do they track your results? How will they keep you motivated?

6.       Check with your doctor beforehand if you’ve had any health issues.

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