How to choose the right sunscreen SPF protection

The New Rules for Sunscreen

How to choose the right sunscreen SPF protection

The New Rules for Sunscreen

We wear sunscreen for protection, but it turns out we also needed some protection from the marketing on the labels.  Dr. Kirsten Flynn, a Dermatologist with Banner Health helped us breakdown the new rules and labels for sunscreen.

Here's a look at some of the changes the FDA is requiring manufacturers make so that it's easier for you to choose the right protection.

Water resistant: Sunscreen labels can no longer claim to be waterproof, because there is no such thing, everything wears down with water and sweat. The labels will also tell you when to reapply either ever 40 or 80 minutes. Look for water resistant sunscreen and note the reapply time.

Broad Spectrum: Sunscreens with an SPF of 15 or more that protect against UVA and UVB light will now be labeled broad spectrum. This means they help protect you against skin cancer and help prevent premature aging. Sunscreen that does not meet these guidelines will now have to let you know on the label that they will not protect you against skin cancer.

SPF 5:. When looking for an SPF, look between 15 and 50. Dr. Flynn says using an SPF 100 does not give you double protection and instead gives you a very false sense of security. The FDA is currently considering banning the use of numbers above 50 for that reason.

Sunscreen Spray: Dr. Flynn says put the spray away and stick with the lotion for the best protection. She also says in order to get the most from the SPF you are using you'll need to use a golf ball sized dollop and reapply every 40 to 80 minutes depending on the label.

Enjoy your fun in the sun!


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