AROUND TOWN: Parents can check out over 50 summer camps at Summer Camp Adventure Fair


Talk to any parent and you know how stressful it can be finding a summer camp for your kids.
There is a one stop summer camp fair event this weekend to help parents shop for the camp that is the right fit for their child.
Climbing into a flight suit is just part of the fun at iSPACE summer camp in Sharonville.
The space adventures are out of this world.
"Take kids from pre-k all the way up to high school level. Kids love the robots. I said if they can build it, program it. They re-design it. They put it through challenges," said iSPACE Education Outreach Director Sharon Young.
iSPACE education director, Bev Ketron, said camp is designed to keep kids learning throughout their summer vacation.
"We do keep their academic skills going. A lot of problem solving. There's a lot of challenges that they have to meet. They do a lot of programming on the computers for the robots," Ketron explained.
Parents can learn more about iSPACE and 50 other camps at the summer camp adventure fair.
There are camps for dancers, scientists, and clowns.
"Comes a long way from the old tents and bugs camps that we all went to as kids. Computer camps, lego camps, art camps," said Cincinnati Magazine's Ginny Corsini.
Parents don't have to worry about a sitter. 
The fair will have activities to keep the kids entertained while you talk to camp counselors.
"There will be a lot for them to do. We'll have inflatables, those little jump houses. We'll have a basketball with a throw back. There will be a stage where we'll have performances, music, ballet, magic shows," said Corsini.
Cincinnati Magazine Summer Camp Adventure Fair is Saturday, February 23 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Cincinnati Sports Club.
The event is free and open to the public.
The Cincinnati Hillel Jewish Student Center at the University of Cincinnati is preparing to celebrate Purim.
"Purim is a holiday that celebrates Queen Esther saving the Jews from the villain of the story, Haman, who wanted to destroy us," said Sarah Ganson of the Cincinnati Hillel Jewish Student Center.
Hamantaschen is the delicate but decadent dessert served at Purim. 
The sweet dough cradles its luscious filling.
"You can do apricot, blueberry, cherry strawberry. In my family, we like to put in chocolate, Reeses or Hershey's kisses," explained University of Cincinnati Sophomore, Devra Silverman.
The Jewish tradition includes putting the cookies in a gift basket and sharing them relatives and friends.
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