By the Numbers: 8 extra fees airlines charge customers

By the Numbers: 8 extra fees airlines charge customers

Southwest Airlines, while there is no assigned seating, has introduced an early-boarding option. For a $40 fee, you're guaranteed to be one of the first 15 passengers on the plane. They aren’t the only ones charging a little extra.

Here’s the scoop on airline fees…by the numbers.

-- Many U.S. airlines set aside window and aisle seats for passengers willing to pay extra. So if you want to sit with your loved ones, get ready to cough up at least $25.

-- Recently Southwest Airlines bumped its ticket prices up $10 to offset the high cost of jet fuel. Six other major airlines followed suit.

-- On Hawaiian Air, it costs $350 round trip to bring your pet on the plane from the mainland to Hawaii.

-- All these extra fees started back when American Airlines charged $8 for blankets. But they didn't do that for long because of a public outcry,

-- Last fall, low-cost Spirit Airlines jacked its domestic passenger usage fee, also known as an online booking fee, from $9 to $17 each way.

-- Spirit also upped carry-on fees to as much as $100.

-- This past summer, United raised its fee for a second checked bag on trans-Atlantic flights to $100. That's 75 Euros if you were hoping to spend it over there. 

-- Allegiant Airlines is charging more to book a flight with a credit card versus a debit card.  How about small unmarked bills in a gym bag left in a park?

And that’s what we have on big birds picking at us for nickels and dimes on flying fees. 

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