By the Numbers: Lance Armstrong's fall from fame

By the Numbers: Lance Armstrong's fall from fame

It's been over a decade since whispers of Lance Armstrong’s doping surfaced in the elite cycling world.  Here’s a look at his biking background by the numbers.

The dates:

-- 7 is the record amount of consecutive times between 1999 and 2005  that Lance Armstrong won the Tour de France.

-- 14 years is the length of his bicycling career, during which he accumulated a $125 million fortune.

-- 1996 is the year he was diagnosed with cancer. He had a 40 percent chance of survival.

-- 1997 was the year Armstrong was declared cancer-free. That same year he founded the Lance Armstrong Foundation for Cancer Support.

The money:

-- The $1 yellow Livestrong wristbands generated more than $100 million from sales.

-- $470 million is the total amount raised since the foundation began in 1997 and a healthy $0.81 on the dollar is donated to cancer research.

--  $17.5 million was what he received in endorsement and speaking fees in 2005 alone.

The long fall down:

--  In 2011, Lance Armstrong retired from competitive cycling while under federal investigation for doping allegations.

-- By June 2012, he was charged with using illicit performance enhancing drugs.

-- Two months later he was banned from all sports covered by the World Anti-doping Agency, and stripped of all titles won since 1998.

-- He is expected to repay $4 million in prize money for his Tour de France victories.

-- $150-$200 million is how much this scandal may cost him in future earning potential.

-- 112 is the number of questions Oprah prepared for her Lance interview. 

Life goes in cycles. This isn't such a good one for Lance Armstrong.


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