Lifetime's 'Double Divas' share bra tips with Teresa Strasser

What are you doing wrong with your bra

Lifetime's 'Double Divas' share bra tips with Teresa Strasser

What are you doing wrong with your bra

They are the beauties of brassieres, the lady of lingerie and the sisters of shape wear. Molly Hopkins and Cynthia Richards, are the stars of the new show we all love called "Double Divas" on Lifetime.

Teresa Strasser sat down with Molly and Cynthia to find out what women are doing wrong with their bras.

TERESA: I'm just talking about your shirts here but really nice hooters.

CYNTHIA: Did you say nice hooters?

MOLLY: Ahh ha yea she did. CYNTHIA: Oh goodness.

TERESA: What do most of us do with our bras? Are we going too big? too small? What are we doing wrong?

MOLLY: Too small in the cup, too big in the band. Statistically 40 percent of most women wear the wrong sized bra. We tend too think its higher.

CYNTHIA: I think it's higher.

MOLLY: There's a lot that aren't telling, but we can see it, we know.

TERESA: Okay, so let's talk extremes. What is the largest set of boobs you guys have fit?

CYNTHIA: Well, we've fitted Norma Styx. She was our opening show. She is the Guinness world record holder for the worlds largest breasts. She truly needed out help, and I had to make her a bra because in America they do not make a bra big enough for her.

TERESA: You've said people think of you as sometimes, more of therapists than bra fitters. What is the deal about shopping for a bra that makes people open up?

CYNTHIA: A lot of people talk when their shirts off because they are nervous and they'll tell you all kinds of stuff.

TERESA: I feel like my boobs have been on a journey, from A to D and back again like a lot of moms. How often should we be upgrading our bra wardrobe?

CYNTHIA: Always test your wire if your wire sits firm.

MOLLY: On ribs.

CYNTHIA/MOLLY: You're good to go.

CYNTHIA: If it's squishy its a no.

TERESA: Double Divas on Lifetime, thank you. 

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