Real or Fake: Which Christmas Tree Do You Prefer?

Real or Fake: Which Christmas Tree Do You Prefer?

Christmas trees are going up all over.  Have you gotten  yours?  They come in all shapes and sizes, but most likely yours will be more traditional. Question is:  Will it be real or fake? 

Choosing the right tree basically comes down to personal preference.

"It used to be real.  Now, it's fake," said one woman.
"I like everything to be real," said one man.
Artificial trees are definitely the more convenient option. 
"Just put it in a box and pull it out next year," said one man.
They are generally less expensive and re-usable for years. 
"It's been floating around my family for about 26 years.  It was the first tree ever given to my pops when he didn't have enough money to buy his own," one man said.
"The lights are already on it, and it's got more lights than you can normally put on a regular tree," one woman said.
But many experts say fake trees have a bigger impact on the environment.  Most are made from PVC- a non-biodegradable plastic that ends up in landfills and produces more carbon emissions--not exactly a bundle of joy.
"It's not the same feeling," one woman said.
Some environmentalists estimate you would have to keep the fake tree for at least 10 years before it becomes better for the environment.  
Still, let's face it.  Real trees need water and someone clean up after them.
"You start getting those little pines and they start falling all around where you're supposed to put the gifts and it's not  good," one man said.
"I don't care about the needles.  I'll just sweep them up or have my girlfriend do it," one man said.
Well, in that case, why not?  But many say the extra effort puts the special touch on their holiday celebration.
"Christmas is one time a year.  I can put up with that for two, three weeks," one man said.  "You can't replace that smell when you buy a real Christmas tree.  The pine oil always smells your whole house up so it's great."
 So, choose wisely.  Whether you pick that perfect pine or plastic, both are sure to spread holiday cheer.
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