The Breakdown: Star freakouts on planes

Alec Baldwin, Kristen Chenoweth, Monique and other

When famous people fly, it can get really ugly. No matter how many times you tell celebrities to return their egos to a locked and upright position they just don't listen.  Stars blowing up in the sky - let's break it down. 

The most recent celebrity explosion was when Kristen Chenoweth went bonkers when they wouldn't allow her emotional support dog on the plane.  She sobbed, made accusations of inhumanity  and tweeted about "the trip from hell." 
Alec baldwin was tarmacked for his tantrum when the crew ordered him to turn off his phone and stop playing "Words with Friends."   Baldwin then headed to Saturday Night live to play "words with enemies."    

And precious star Mo'nique went nuts when flight attendants objected to her stylist stowing a hairdryer in the first-class cabin. Really? It's just a hairdryer, Mo'nique. Keep it together. When the captain  turns on the 'no acting like an entitled brat sign,' take it in. 
And no discussion of celeb meltdowns would be complete without the freakout specialist Naomi Campbell. 
When British Airways lost the  model's bag, she lost her mind, kicking, screaming and spitting at cops. This was after she demanded the pilot get off the plane and help look for her luggage.  Too bad she's a supermodel, not a super hero, she could fly herself home.
We've reached a cruising altitude, your sense of entitlement can return to normal on the breakdown.   
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