The Breakdown: What's really making us fat?

The news seems to change every day. First they tell us to eat like a caveman; then eat for your blood type. Then it’s snack, don't snack. Or maybe it’s eat all carbs or is it eat no carbs?

Finally, scientists agree. They know what's making us fat and it might surprise you.

Apparently, it’s your couch. Nope, it’s not the fact that you are sitting on it instead of working out, but the actual couch.

The culprit is something call obesogens and they are everywhere. New research on endocrine-disrupting chemicals suggests these contaminants found inside your couch are making us fat.

“Obesogens are chemicals that predispose you to become fat despite taking in the same number of calories,” said Dr. Bruce Blumberg, developmental biologist.

Your couch isn’t the only thing that could make you fat. Store receipts also have obesogens.

“The concern with receipts has to do with thermal receipts – which happen to be most of them,” said Dr. Blumberg. “The concern is that you can transfer that chemical to your skin and potentially to anything you touch.”

If you work in an office, you are probably worried about the calories found in vending machines. But they aren’t making you fat. The carpet is you walk on is.

“Carpets these days are almost always synthetic. They’re not wool or silk or a natural fiber, and it’s been shown in house ducts because there are significant levels of obesogens that we work on called Tributal 10,” said Dr. Blumberg.

Other fat-making factories include water bottles, leafy greens, canned goods and makeup. We can't avoid all of these things, but there are 3 things you can do:

1)       Eat organic as much as possible

2)       Prepare your own food

3)       Say no to plastics

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