REALITY CHECK: Best awkward moments on reality TV

REALITY CHECK: Best awkward moments on reality TV

Our favorite moments in reality TV often involve outrageous events, battles and drama. But what is sweeter than tears?  The awkward moments!

On the last “Amazing Race” Josh and Brent attempted to work through an injury-- together. He tried to breath through the pain for his partner, but it didn't exactly work.

Then on “Project Runway” the designers faced an androgyny challenge where they had to make androgynous fashions for both male and female models. The sewing part turned out to be simple, but the conversation about whether the model like liked boy or girls was a little rough.

Then on “Survivor” one guy was pretty psyched about eating his chicken, but maybe a little too psyched.  Yeah, awkward eating moments are the worst.

And that's what's awkward on "Reality Check."

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