Reality Check: Best zingers on The Voice, Amazing Race and Real Housewives

Reality Check: Best zingers on The Voice, Amazing Race and Real Housewives

We love the trash talking and the four hour episodes of the X-Factor which are the staples of Reality Television, but let's give some love to “The Zingers.”

THE AMAZING RACE: Underdogs and goat farmers are on The Amazing Race, Brent and Josh have stayed in the competition by the wool on their chinny-chin-chins.   And it was host Phil Koeghan who put the power of the subtle zinger into serious perspective.

“I can't say you looked too thrilled to be in forth this week,” said Keoghan.

"Well, it's just been a really hard week and we really, really hated leaving Abby and Ryan behind."

“Would you like me to eliminate you and Brent to let them be in the race?”

“ No. No. No!”

WHOA! He went full-on-mom!  Would you like me to turn this car around? We don't have to go Disneyland if you're tired.

REAL HOUSEWIVES: Zinger number 2, is a cat fight so quiet you couldn't hear the claws.  We're used to seeing the all-up-in-your-bright-white-grill sniping on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, but this is a little more... delicate.   After one of the wives announced she just got a book deal, there was silence.

But it was the combination of their stone cold facial expressions, followed by the zinger that clenched it.

“You have a book deal about your divorce? Fascinating!”

THE VOICE: Finally, we have a Zinger fail.  NBC's The Voice is down to the top 6, but it was the top 8 that gave us this Carson Daly sting stinker.  

Two-toned contestant Melanie Martinez was having hard times.  She told the judges that the song she was about to sing felt really similar to her situation as she was going through a breakup. When Melanie rocked it out, Carson reached inside and looked for that place where zingers lived, and no one was home.

“I hope that whatever guy you're breaking up with right now saw that.”

Zinger on that maybe ex-boyfriend, but it landed on crickets.

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