Reality Check: Fashion statement don'ts on The Voice, DWTS and X Factor

Reality Check: Fashion statement don'ts on The Voice, DWTS and X Factor

Reality competitions entertain and frustrate us with all kinds of singing and dancing, but this season it's the fashion moments that have us scratching our heads.

Here are some of our favorites in this segment of “Reality Check.”

GREEN WITH ENVY: The past few weeks on “The Voice,” judge/coach Cee-lo Green's style has been nothing short of schizo-frantic.  From his crocheted-American-flag-poncho-thing, to the disco-Elvis inspired get up, to our personal favorite: the Rick James Jerry-curl hairdo.

EYE-RAISING EYEBROWS: The X Factor’s got a lot of eyeballs for its new array of judges, but it was Demi Lovato who bogarted the lookie-loo limelight.  Sure, her duds have made a splash but it’s her brows that have us furrowing ours. They seem to change right before our eyes. One week they're skinny-normal and the next, they are big like a couple of caterpillars on Groucho Marx.  Then they are back to relatively normal.

DANCING FASHION: And at the top of the list is Dancing with the Stars. The All star season has given us many memorable moments, but it was their jump onto the Gangnam Style bandwagon that set our fashion-spidey sense tingling. It seemed every duo of costumes had its own problems.  Combine this with the couture chaos of the barely-there costumes of Giles and his partner, to the outfit Emit and his partner wore that seemed to be leftovers from a teenage slumber party. It's a hodge-podge of hot messes.

Yup, we are calling out the fashion fiascos on Reality Check. 

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