Super Bowl ads pull in consumers online

Whether clever or controversial, they are the most expensive commercials you'll see all year, about four million dollars for 30 seconds.  That's roughly $130,000 per second.

So more companies are trying to get more bang for their buck by releasing the ads early online where they can get some free marketing and build up buzz.   
"You can no longer isolate just the creative that runs in the game.  Now, it's the campaign, which is typically a two week deal nowadays," said Justine Osborne, General Manager of Volkswagen Marketing.
Osborne told the List via Skype that a big part of that campaign relies heavily on social media and you.
"Consumers participate just as we as marketers do, so everyone gets their sense of being the ad guy around Super Bowl," he said.
Audi had viewers pick their Super Bowl ad from three choices they showcased on their YouTube page.  Viewers voted and chose the prom-themed commercial to air during the big game.
Coke is racing for the top spot by asking you to pick who should win its dash through the desert.
Meanwhile, Axe is smelling victory, entering the Super Bowl race for the first time.  Their ad features a lifeguard who rescues a woman from a shark attack, then quickly gets trumped by a nerdy astronaut.  Bonus:  You too could go to  space.
"What you've got is this idea of a timeless insight between guys and girls.  This idea of nothing beats an astronaut story and then a powerful promotion," said Mathew McCarthy, Axe's Senior Brand Development Director for North America. 
Media analysts say Volkswagen has been the most shared brand in the last two years, thanks in large part to their 2011 Super Bow ad "The Force."
That commercial quickly became the most popular ad ever and has been shared more than 5.5 million times online.
"The Super Bowl basically is there to get us noticed, to position us, as a brand as part of the main stream," Osborne said.
And they'll soon find out if spending millions will leave them feeling happy.
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