Breakdown: What's the real reason men can't stay faithful?

Getting into the mind of a cheater

Earlier this week, former CIA Director General David Petreaus broke his silence to say he's sorry. He's sorry for lying, cheating and sorry his career tanked.

He's not alone. Tiger Woods, Bill Clinton, Hugh Grant...there's a long list of womanizing weasels before him. But what's the real reason behind this culture of cheating?  

It's hard to watch anything these days without feeling cheated, and there is no shortage of actors, wannabe actors, athletes and politicians who get busted, break up, and then blow up in media.

Relationship expert Susan Trombetti has spent years playing cupid as a professional matchmaker. She says there's a list of reasons cheaters cheat.

1) Because the devious dog can: "These guys have power, money and they don't think the rules apply to them. They cheat because they can," said Trombetti. "They think they're infallible."

Examples include John Edwards, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Tiger Woods.

2) Because the deceitful dirt bag married you but strongly prefers something you are not:  This was the Jesse James and Sandra Bullock scenario.

"Jesse married a porn star for heaven's sake. I mean the women he cheated on with are the opposite of Sandra Bullock,” said Trombetti.

3)  Because the scheming scoundrel is addicted to cheating and sex: “David Duchovny used it as an example and there are just some people addicted to cheating.  They’ll do it anytime, anyplace, anywhere with anyone," Trombetti said.

4) Because the roaming Romeo is just bored: "Think of David Petraeus. I think he's a really nice man, but maybe you throw in a little bit of opportunity and this beautiful woman…and the excitement threw him over the edge," said Trombetti.

5) Finally, because the two-timing tomcat married you but never intended to stay monogamous. Trembetti said, “If you take a look at the former governor Mark Sanford, he never promised to his wife to be faithful in their wedding vows so she should have known or think of Prince Charles.  His father told him he could take a mistress after five years with Diana if it didn't work out."

And just to be fair and balanced, Trombetti says it's obviously not just men who cheat but they seem be the ones who mostly get caught.

“Guys are clueless when women are cheating," she said.

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