The Breakdown: How to drink wine like a pro


Swirl, sniff, taste. Just what are those wine snobs doing with their high priced beverages?

Wine is very popular and lucrative, bringing in $40 billion a year in U.S. wine sales. But swigging down some two-buck chuck is a lot different than enjoying a glass of fine vino the right way.

Justin Ove from Arizona Stronghold says the first thing people need to be aware of is the type of glass the wine is poured in.

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“There is a subtle difference here and it's the lip of the glass. This is the most important to me. This one has a rounded edge and it’s kind of like a speed bump to your palate. We don't want a speed bump; we want it to flow nice and smooth,” said Ove.

Ove says there is a big difference between a rounded and square edge.

“If I put the same wine in here and here [2 different lipped glasses], it would just taste differently because it would flow differently across your palate,” said Ove.

But there is more to wine tasting than the glass. There is also the sniffing and swirling.  The swirling is good, as what it does is break up the flavor molecules.  These are called esters.  When you smell things like strawberries or pineapple what you're doing is picking up those esters. 

Finally, Ove says how you taste the wine also plays a role in its taste.

“Don't drink it like you're going to drink water.  Drink it as though you're savoring it like a great meal. You want to swish this around on your palate just like you did in the glass,” said Ove.

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