The Breakdown: Sexting is a growing trend with teens

It's one of the most popular new apps, but could it be accelerating the already disturbing teen trend of sexting?  Let's break down sexting.

On its official website, creators of "SnapChat" call it the "fastest way to share a moment with friends." But some people use it to share sexy moments with their significant others thinking that after 10 seconds the racy image will disappear. The problem is these moments can last forever online.  It's as simple as taking a screen shot of the image and posting it all over the web.
Teenagers Olivia and Kenzie say they know kids in middle school who have sent sexy pictures over SnapChat.
"People will send nudes over SnapChat, but our group of friends doesn't because people will screenshot it and send it around to their friends. It will be around the whole school and you'll be the laughing stock," said one of the girls.
A recent study revealed 1 in 3 teens sext. Child psychologist Lynne Kenney says this app can only increase those chances. 
Worried you teen is sexting? There are some steps every parent can take: 
1) Don't assume your child is too young or too innocent.
2) Make sure your kids understand the importance of protecting their online profile.
3) Remind your teens their online and offline reputation is the same.
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