The Explorer: 3 unique railroads you can ride

The Explorer: 3 unique railroads you can ride

Train travel is still a way to see the world.  Here are three of the world's most unique railroads on The Explorer.

CASS RAILROAD: The Cass railroad was built in 1901 to haul lumber. It’s nestled in the mountains of West Virginia, and offers passage on a historic steam-driven locomotive, climbing 11 miles from Cass to the 5,000 ft-high summit of Bald Knob.

For $21 you can get weekend train tickets that include admission to the Cass Showcase, the Railroad History Museum, and a logging camp tour.

RAILWAY BUILT OF GOLD: The White Pass & Yukon Railroad is known as "the railway built of gold" and is a civil engineering landmark. It cost $10 million and was completed in 26 months. Built in 1898 during the Klondike gold rush, this train starts in Skagway, Alaska, and climbs a breathtaking 3000 feet over the White Pass into Canada's Yukon.

Today this railway is Alaska's most popular. There are eight different excursions offered including one that is a 3 hour 40 mile round trip for only $115. Canadian souvenirs not included and don't forget to pack your passport.  

PATAGONIA EXPRESS: In Argentina, you can ride La Trochita, also known as Patagonia Express. It's original character is largely unchanged, with wooden wagons, wood heating and old locomotives. This famous train snakes through the imposing landscape of the Andean foothills. It’s a thrill ride with over 600 curves.

The journey takes 2.5 hours and costs about $36.  

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