The Explorer: 6 airports with great attractions for travelers

The Explorer: 6 airports with great attractions for travelers

Being stuck at an airport for hours isn’t always fun, but some cities have come up with some ways to help you pass the time.  Here are a few airports with some great attractions.

Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson  Airport: With a wealth of high-end shopping, like Brooks Brothers and the Brighton collection, this airport has tons of things to distract the weary traveler. They even have a place called “Beyond the Reef” to entertain the kids.

Austin-Bergstrom Airport: Austin is known as the live music capitol of the world, so it's only right the airport hospitality committee would include great local bands like Michael Garfield, Alisia Morales and many others.

Toronto's Pearson Airport: In Canada, Toronto's Pearson Airport has a dinosaur exhibit to let you step back in time while you're killing time.  Instead of wasting time, you can learn something on your layover.  

Other interesting airports:

  • Singapore has a butterfly exhibit.
  • Guarulhos Airport in Sao Paolo has a place to get your teeth cleaned.
  • McCarran Airport in Las Vegas has 1,300 slot machines 
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