The Fit List: Foods that make you feel less hungry


When you get a ferocious craving for carbs, it's easy to turn to empty comfort foods like pasta. Fitness Guru Kelly Corson gave us her list of foods to help you naturally control the urge to gorge.
1) Avocados: Jam-packed with fiber and monounsaturated fats, they help make you feel full and it's the good kind of fat that our body needs.
2) Oats: Bagels and cream cheese only make you feel hungry a few hours later because it's empty carbs. Something like oatmeal will get you through to lunch
3) Almonds: And when those midday cravings drive you nuts, grab a handful of almonds. They are an excellent source of vitamin E and are crunchy so it satisfies the cravings and helps to last longer.
4) Green Tea: Doctors tout the antioxidant benefits, but it could also beat down down afternoon snack attacks. Green tea helps to regulate blood sugar levels and has a boost of caffeine which also helps.
Hitting hunger with health on the Fit List 
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