The Futurist: 3 Kickstarter ideas we love

The Futurist: 3 Kickstarter ideas we love

The website raises funds for new projects via crowd funding. They help break through ideas that are just a cash boost away from becoming a reality.   

Like Leikr, the first GPS watch with color maps.  This compact co-pilot has a high resolution color screen made with gorilla glass.  There are six readouts on one screen to keep the 411 coming.  It even functions as a portable personal trainer. All you have to do is input your fitness level and goals, and it'll download  workouts for you.    

The iPen 2 is the next generation of stylus that allows you to write directly on the screen.  It is also pressure sensitive, and mimics the natural writing and accuracy of a ball-point pen. 

Designed for Apple displays, this new technology turns your non-touch screen into one. It is compatible with every application on the Mac OS and Windows market.

Finally, there’s something for all of us who don't have a green thumb. It’s the OSO's plant link. This little gadget takes the guesswork out of watering your garden, house plants and lawn. Through an internet-connection, this sensor system sends you an email or text to remind you when to water. But even better, it nudges your sprinklers when it's time for them to come on.

Simply log in, pick the type of plant you want to monitor, put your OSO cool sensors in position and wait for the data to come in.

Each link is tailored to one plant or part of the garden, and caters to their specific watering needs.

Kickstarting our way into the world of tomorrow.. .on The Futurist.


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