The Futurist: 3 new medical devices of the future

The Futurist: 3 new medical devices of the future

Technology is constantly changing how we're being diagnosed and treated by doctors.  Every advance gives us new hope for a healthier future. Here's a look at the future of medicine on The Futurist.

X2 MOUTHGUARD: With the recent controversy over concussions and brain damage on the gridiron, the x2 is right on time. Designed in collaboration with Microsoft and Stanford, this smart mouthguard works alongside a skin patch.  If an athlete receives a nasty knock on the noggin, the sensors immediately notify a coach or team physician.

The CDC estimates about 4 million sports head injuries occur each year. This is a major hazard for young athletes whose brains are still developing. Thanks to the x2, ballers won't  play through the pain and risk permanent damage.   

VEIN VIEWER FLEX: The Vein Viewer Flex by Christie uses near infrared light to detect veins up to 10 millimeters deep and projects a digital image of the vein pattern directly onto the skin. This means no more searching in vain for veins and no more needless painful pokes for patients with bashful blood vessels. 

ALIVE CORE:  This app that can actually save your life and not just drain time from it.  The FDA approved iPhone case and app turns your iPhone into a life saving device. It’s the Alive Core's iPhone ECG.  It’s a thin case with two electrodes that snap onto the back of your phone. Just press the electrodes with fingers or place on your chest and it displays your heart rhythm.

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