The Futurist: 3 solar powered gadgets for the future

The Futurist: 3 solar powered gadgets for the future

The future looks bright with new solar tech that’s going to light up your life.

WAKA WAKA POWER: This little guy charges your phone and has a powerful reading light, all powered by the sun. The even better news is that it works on cloudy days too.

LED lights let you know when it's charging and how much juice you've collected. And it’s cute enough that you won't mind showing it off at work or around town. So when the next storm hits and the power goes out, stay in charge and illuminated with the Waka Waka.

ECO RACER: Cambridge University has developed an eco racer for the World Solar Challenge that is truly a car of the future.  The car goes 497 miles on one charge and 86 miles an hour. 

Weighing only 264 pounds, it uses space grade solar cells that move to track the sun.

SOFT ROCKER: The soft rocker was developed by architecture students at MIT. It's a solar powered outdoor rocking lounger that lets you relax and recharge at the same time as your electronics.

If that isn't cool enough, it also has a strip of light tape when the sun calls it a day. 

We’re basking in the light of tomorrow on The Futurist.

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