The Futurist: Bionic eyes, legs and arms

The Futurist: Bionic eyes, legs and arms

Remember “The Six Million Dollar Man”? Well, that sci-fi series is becoming a reality on this edition of The Futurist. Here are some bionic buddies of the 21st century.


BIONIC ARM: Nigel lost his arm at work, but his tragedy was eased by the Bebionic3 prosthetic. The carbon fiber mechanical hand is controlled by sensors in his upper arm which allows him to do important everyday tasks like move and click a computer mouse.

BIONIC EYE: Rob saved his peeper from the grim reaper – kind of.  Rob's new eye is actually a tiny camera that transmits to a portable video receiver.


BIONIC LEG: More than 1,500 U.S. service members have lost limbs in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, and many are getting a hand from this space-age new robo-leg. It’s called the power knee and it's quickly closing the gap between prosthetics and Bionics.


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