The Futurist: Drones to find submarines, terrorists and protect neighborhoods

The Futurist: Drones to find submarines, terrorists and protect neighborhoods

When you think of drones, don't limit yourself to secret spy missions or your husband going on and on about his golf game. Drones are also protecting our future on The Futurist.

DARPAS: Designed to safeguard our shining seas, Darpas is a new unmanned anti-submarine hunter. It'll track enemy submarines using laser detectors, radar and sonar.  The stealthy shape allows it to gently glide over the ocean’s surface.  A pilot steers the ship remotely until it gets out of the harbor, then the ghost in the machine takes the helm.

Everything you need to make life even more unpleasant for your enemies who are stuck in submarines. The Roboboat will see trials in two years.

MQ-9 REAPER: The Reaper is a new generation of predator drone that's keeping Americans from danger in the here and now. It’s controlled automatically or by remote. Predecessors were mostly used for spying, but with an upgrade this baby operates as a terrorist hunter.

Armed to the teeth, it can fly at 50,000 feet and stay up there for almost 4000 miles. They're already patrolling the skies over our homeland, so rest easy with sentries in the sky.

DATRON SCOUT:  Ever wonder which of your neighbors’ dogs has been leaving little presents on your lawn?  You might be able to put his tail between his legs with this puppy.

The Datron Scout is your bird’s eye view of the world.  Fitting in a backpack it snaps together with no tools required.  Besides military use, it's just a matter of time till this radio flyer is used by the police and rescuers.

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