The Futurist: Electrolux designs for future kitchens

The Futurist: Electrolux designs for future kitchens

The heart of the house has never looked this cool. These designs of the future aren’t going to be around for a while but when they do, they will have you kissing the chef.

Electrolux Designs is introducing the bio robot refrigerator. This fridge of the future has no doors or drawers. Instead a non-sticky, odorless gel cocoons around each item to keep it at its optimum temperature. 

Then there is the snail.  This electronic escargot is a micro-induction heating device that attaches to your pan. It heats the contents and rings the dinner bell when it’s done. The elements modular kitchen mounts on your wall cooking food, keeping it cool, and saving you space.

The external refrigerator goes old school by keeping food out in the cold, but goes new school when it gets warm out, using solar panels to turn light into energy.

Surveys say people will spend 1,100 days in the kitchen during their lifetime.  Thankfully, tomorrow’s kitchen is a tasty blend of fashion and function.

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