The Futurist: Big Brother is watching -- in a good way

Landsat 8 and SeeMe

The Futurist: Big Brother is watching -- in a good way

Landsat 8 and SeeMe

Technology is watching us with an unblinking eye, but Big Brother's big lens may not be as creepy as you think.  It’s all about friendly eyes in the sky on this edition of The Futurist. 

LANDSAT 8: This is something that helps preserve the environment and produces amazing images, It’s the Landsat Data Continuity Mission. The satellite tracks resources like farming, forests and the melting of glaciers. The mission casts its eyes on the whole planet, all year long.

Next month the eighth Landsat is going to space, and yes, it's new and improved. With an infrared sensor and a land imager, it'll have higher resolution than ever before. This is impressive, considering it's already accumulated the largest archive of land images in the world.  

You can access all the images ever taken. Just visit

SEEME:  Our next project is a new DARPA project that gives us an eye in the sky on the fly, It's called the SeeMe. It’s a space based telescope that will provide tactical info remotely helping people see way beyond their line of sight.

Once in orbit, a network of SeeMe satellites will provide continuous coverage worldwide and will no doubt be one day used for police work and other applications. 

Looking out for your eye in the sky on The Futurist.

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