The Futurist: Vega smart watch, Google glass HUD, Mercator PDA

The Futurist: Vega smart watch, Google glass HUD, Mercator PDA

You may think of scarves and gloves when you think of accessories, but have you seen the top three techie ways to accessorize? Today we're pimping your eyes and wrist, on The Futurist.

The recent announcement of the iWatch got us thinking about all the other smart watches cropping up. These include the crowd-sourced pebble watch, the Sony smart watch called Spiffy, and our fave -- the Vega.  
Running on android, the Vega will be able to send and receive calls, take pictures, record video, pretty much anything you would do with your bulky antique of a smart phone.  It's already available so start raising your vig for this wristy bit of business. 

Next, Google Glass, an interface in testing phase that you wear on your face.  This android-powered device basically takes you by the hand and walks you through your day, helping you navigate and taking point of view pictures.   
It's fitted with prescription lenses that are controlled by your voice. It also has speakers that flow tunes directly to your inner ear and you can even video chat on the go.
Forget "four-eyes," people will call you for 4-1-1, cause these glasses are pumping you full of info.    

Finally the high tech concept that trumps the rest, putting your wrist too the test. It's the Mercator PDA by Kingyo, known as a life support device.  It's part health monitor, part GPS, and part anything your smart phones does.
But what makes this guy special is the holographic image it uses to display info. You can see it on their website:
High tech gauntlets to guard you and guide you on The Futurist.
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